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The Design Of Everyday Things Review


So I have been reading this book The Design of Everyday things by Don Norman , Here are some of my thoughts:

This book is an ocean of ideas and concepts, the author argues that while technology keeps changing people stay the same and therefore design principles remain the same . I really like this because what this means is that what you learn in this book will almost be true for future technologies like A.I and Virtual Reality .

This book has a lot of concepts and supporting examples and engineers really need to buy this book , because they will understand the importance of design and have a strong respect for it . This book is also perfect for people who love creativity and art (like me 🙂 )

Some of the chapters like chapter 2 are really big and involve a lot of concepts , so I followed this approach : I divided this book into modules(chapters) and instead of thinking about the whole book , I focused on one specific module and gave it a day or two , this way I noted down the things I liked about a single module and then once I was done I moved to the next one .

The great reviews about this book are really justified , so overall I am quite happy that I learned a lot of design principles , In future I would love to apply them on various objects and services I design.