Perfect-Todo just got featured on Ionic Showcase :)

Perfect-Todo just got featured on Ionic Showcase :)

Just got an email few minutes ago that my app perfect-todo got accepted (wow what a perfect birthday gift )

If you dont know about it, Its a simple experiment with ionic2 , What I have learned over a month or two browsing ionic2 docs and forums . It requires min android version 5.1 though

Some of the things I have learned so far :

1. Being a part of the “community” is important . This is something you will realize soon . Take a look at Leading Bloggers who blog about ionic like Josh Morony ,They are actively involved in community (like forums , slack channel etc).

2. Testing is important from the very beginning , Testing should be done on real device because sometimes stuff produces unexpected results.

3. Ionic Forums are really helpful , they have an ocean of knowledge(Also the slack channel)

4. If you learn something , Share your knowledge , Not only you would feel confident , you are indirectly contributing to the community.

5. Never Underestimate simple things , because even simple things can go wrong.

How I Used HCD on the simplest app ?

Okay let me tell you a secret that you probably already know, Its called the Human Centered Design . It says understand the needs of people first and then develop technologies. It started with a long observation that even a simple thing like a notepad could be very “powerful” and “useful” to me. and I didnt have it all the time. So I decided to start with a todo app. Soon When I created the FWP(First Working Prototype) I noticed my early user in their “natural” environment , Noticing their difficulties which led to rapid changing. Yes The app still lacks a lot of features but I now understand that when you create a software you dont just create it in one go , Its a continual process just like designing.


I have made a decision , I am going to open source it so other beginners can have a look , take inspiration and provide me inspiration. The Open Source ecosystem is awesome , it just takes a little while to adjust 🙂

Here you go

My future plans :

Invest in UI
Integrate Push Notifications
Make it more user friendly
Integrate Reminders