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How to add SQL Storage in your ionic2 App

So There might be cases when you would like to storage some data in local sql database , this can be useful for something like a todo App , Since there is no point in creating a remote database for a simple to do application.

In Ionic2 You implement SQL Storage as follows:

First I need to import two things

import {SqlStorage} from 'ionic-angular';
import {StorageEngine} from 'ionic-angular';

Here is one handy  & small tip  for you all (If you are using VS Code) , Sometimes we forget the exact name of the thing we are importing but we do remember for example it belongs to ionic-angular library , In such cases you can do this , Just write import{} from ‘ionic-angular’ (yeah dont write anything between the curly braces , now start typing inside the curly braces you will see the autocompletion ( 🙂 yay ! ) , I think the reason the intellisense or autocompletion list doesnt appear before you type ionic-angular is that Ionic doest know which library you are targeting but once you specify you are targeting ionic-angular , VS Code can show you a list of all the stuff that you can import from ionic-angular


You can watch the tutorial at :

My website is back again!

Welcome to everyone , Its been a long time since I touched blogging stuff but I think its high time for finally start everything again , I will be blogging about node.js , Ionic2 , Angular2(ng2) and probably about life ?

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Obviously a lot needs to be done so Ill get started soon stay tuned!

Microsoft’s New plan to stay relevant in the world of Open Source

Microsoft’s New plan to stay relevant in the world of Open Source

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How many of you remember the .net days , when microsoft released .net 1.0 ? Those were really good days for microsoft and programmers and over the years it evolved so much , from one new feature to another .



But It slowly started losing its relevance because It’s base (.net framework ) was not quite efficient and there were many errors , I personally used VB.NET (I think with .net framework 3.5) to build an app that chanaged users login screen , The choice of .net was obvious I was developing specifically for Windows platform , But I remember there were a lot of errors and a lot of trouble involving admin rights .

Over the last few years the Web and Open source frameworks have really provided developers a lot of flexibility and in this new ecosystem .net has lost its initial significance .(Things like c# are still being used in production but .net is no longer cool probably because we now have more choice)

But after the initial decline of .net , I think microsoft has a new game plan , One that allows Microsoft to stay relevant in this open source world

  1. Aquisition of Xamarin:

Microsoft probably realized constraining developers to their own platform was not a good idea and has accepted that , They acquired Xamarin to add that in their visual studio portfolio.


2. Visual Studio Code & Introduction of Typescript :

Visual Studio Code 0.10.1 on Windows 7, with search.png


Now I find this little clever , Everyone knows angular1 was very popular and still is , When designing angular2 , the team used a new language called Typescript(which is a typed superset of JS) but Interestingly enough Typescript belongs to Microsoft’s Portfolio even though its open source. and Since angular2 has huge dependency on Typescript , developers are forced to learn it , In this way Microsoft is still in the picture, There are other frameworks which are in turn have huge dependencies on angular2 like ionic2 , so you see the picture ? Everyone needs to learn Typescript , and Visual Studio Code an open source light weight text editor  created by Microsoft has excellent support for Typescript so Its a natural choice for developers.

I remember not too long ago at BUILD Conference Microsoft always talked about their own platform Windows but in the recent years things have changed Microsoft Openly Talks about other platforms like Mac etc , In fact they use this “Cross Platform compatibility” to sell stuff like V.S Code & Xamarin

3. Microsoft Also announced Open sourcing their .net framework few years ago , I think that was a good idea but we have to see How microsoft does in this development ecosystem


Git session.png

4. Another Important thing was the Integration of git in Visual Studio (somthing that was badly needed) : Everyone including Microsoft knows that almost every web and mobile app developer uses it .So they are adapting .



5. They recently also announced at BUILD 2016 the native support of linux terminal on windows platform a thing which for sure will attract developers!


What do you think about all of this ?