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Ionic2 Review

Ionic2 Review

So its been about 2-3 Months of me playing with ionic2 . I want to write some of my thoughts about the framework.

Why I like Ionic framework ?

Tons of UI Components based on commonly used design patterns which are optimized for target platforms.

Vibrant and Active community ( I really like the ionic forums, and Slack channel)

Ionic Resource Generator is simply awesome


Where I faced most of the problems ?

So I realized that when we are working with Open source software like Ionic , Angular there are a lot of dependencies , And What might be working right now may not be working in the future after you update something . I was really frustrated while updating ionic CLI or ionic-angular component because there were really weird errors that I encountered . I always feel really scared while updating stuff on an important project .

Thats probably because I am not doing any unit testing , Well I have never done unit testing before , I plan to do it but there isnt any good official doc regarding the same , besides even angular unit testing docs are not updated.


Testing on real device is really important and I spend a lot of time with that , Even though I had wild problems with adb , It stopped detecting my phone for some reason , So now I manually build the apk and transfer via USB.

I actually found this to be more convenient than ionic run android .


When creating production version of an ionic app, There are like 4-5 steps which are very important , and I often make some stupid mistake in one of the steps .